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TheJobApp’s mission is two-fold

On-demand lean flexibility for businesses and workers.

For Client Businesses

We aim to support businesses that have been directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19 and have had to reduce their core staffing levels. Becoming leaner often means losing flexibility.

Our mission is to surround these businesses with a flexible workforce they can pick up or drop whenever they have the need. Allowing gap shifts, short-notice expansion and busy periods to be covered easily, inexpensively and without fuss.

For Workers

We aim to revolutionise the way you work. Our mission is to enable local shifts to find you via our app on your phone. Allowing you to choose when and where you work and what shifts you do.

You get paid immediately after every shift directly into your bank! This is unique in the employment industry, allowing for complete freedom and flexibility for all staff working via our app.

Our Team

Lee Purvis

Co-Founder and CEO

Harmohan Sood

Co-Founder and CFO

Kali Bagary


Michael Rypel Ph.D.

Keith Batham


Guy Pickard

Co-Founder &CBDO

Eric Manu

Co-Founder &COO

Jay Purvis

Social Media &Marketing Officer

Neil Nisbet

BDC Midlands

John Harding

BDC South West

Sarah Cho Payeur

Sam Pendleton

Co-founder and CEO

Jenell Rogers


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