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If you are a UK/EEA Citizen then the following documents can be used:

- British passport

- EEA passport

- Swiss Passport

- Permanent residency ID card to the EEA/Switzerland

- Naturalisation proof certificate and an NI number (they would have to hold both up at once)

- Birth certificate and UK drivers license holding up both

If you are not an EEA/UK/Swiss then the following documents can be used:

- A CURRENT biometric immigration residence card

- A CURRENT endorsed passport stating they have no limit of duration in the UK

- A CURRENT immigration status document together with your UK NI number

We need your passport to ensure that you hold the right to work in the UK. You have to upload an image of your passport on ‘TheJobApp’. We will request you to upload a selfie of you holding your document for the records. Your employer may request to see the original document at the time of your shift.’

TheJobApp covers temporary jobs in the following sectors:

- Security

- Hospitality

- General Skills

You will need to register on thejobapp and list your preferences for the jobs you would like to take up along with the times you are available. Employers near you will see your profile and send you their offer for shifts as and when they come up.

You should send a quick message via in-app messaging service to the hirer to introduce yourself and let them know that you're excited to work. You can also ask about uniform, travel requirements and anything else you are unsure about.

If you apply for a shift and are hired, you are expected to turn up and work the shift. If a hirer reports you as absent from a shift, your rating will go down significantly. TheJobApp reserves the right to suspend workers who do not show at any time. We maintain a three-strike rule and if you have missed your shift three times within a given time frame, we will block your profile from receiving job alerts. Please read the community guidelines for a better understanding.

When the job/shift is coming to an end (30 mins before end of the shift) a reminder to the worker will be sent on the app requesting him/her to get a sign-off from his/her manager. No sign off - no pay!

You'll need to cancel the shift through the app. You'll be prompted to leave a reason for cancellation as you go through the process of cancelling in-app. Whilst we understand that there may be compelling circumstances that do not allow you to meet your commitment for a shift, it is important to advise the business/hirer well in advance so as to allow them to seek alternatives. Failing this, your rating as a worker will be impacted.

Open the app, go to 'Dashboard' and select the job you want to cancel, then tap the 'cancel' button. You have to provide a valid reason for cancellation. There is a 3 strike rule for workers and businesses cancelling jobs. If the cancellation is for a genuine reason the customer service will investigate and take a decision on how many strikes you now have.

If you have accepted a job, you will gain access to a one-to-one chat with the hirer. We encourage you to engage with the business manager to seek clarifications an any queries you may have about your role.

They're given to you by the hirer you worked for, and are given on a 5 star rating system. You'll get one for each shift you complete. We would encourage you to request your shift manager to give you a rating after each shift you have completed. This will have a positive impact on your profile.

You will be paid directly into a bank account of your choice. The bank and account details will be captured during the sign up/registration process. Make sure these details are filled in, otherwise we won't be able to pay you.

If you've received your pay but it's less than you expected, then the first thing to do is to check your pay slip. Often, discrepancies in pay are due to Tax, Pension or National Insurance contributions, which will be detailed in the breakdown on your pay slip. If you still find a discrepancy, please contact us with the details of the shift and we will investigate to resolve the issue if any.

Yes - we pay holiday pay (12.07%) alongside your basic pay every time you are paid.

Pay slips can be accessed directly in the app, under My Payments link. Payslips will be uploaded each. Breakdown of payments will be available on a shift by shift basis. 

Even if you are a student, you are still assessed for tax purposes based on how much money you make. If you're earning above the weekly threshold for paying tax, an appropriate deduction will be made from your pay.

You can contact TheJobApp through support/contact us form in the app or alternatively you can contact via our helpline number 0330 3801 548.

You can reset/change your password under the ‘My Account, Account Settings' link in the app. In case you have forgotten your password, then you can reset it by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Sign In screen.

Once you have registered as a business, you can login and add jobs by clicking on the “+” icon or through Create a Job link on the side menu. Create a job listing in just a few minutes.

The most important things to look at are previous experience, star ratings and location. This information will allow you to assess how suitable a worker is for your current role. You can also select the criteria from various filter options available during hire.

Candidates may not be accepting your offer for a number of reasons. Usually it's because of a lack of information regarding the role, the rate is a little low or the location is tricky to get to. You can get in touch with us and we'll help you out.

Legally we are not permitted to display this information. However before anyone signs up on TheJobApp they must complete a 'right to work check', so there's no need to worry. You can ask the worker to bring and show you a suitable document in original, a copy of which you can keep in your records.

You will only be able to chat to worker(s) once you have hired them, via the in-app messaging service.

You won't be charged until the shift is completed and you have provided sign-off to the worker. Once you provide a successful sign-off and decide to pay, your card will be charged.

Rest assured, if for some reason your shift doesn't fill, we won't charge you.

Everyone who works in the UK is entitled to earn holiday pay. For every hour someone works they earn 12.07% holiday pay.

This tables show how much employers pay towards employees’ National Insurance for the 2021 to 2022 tax year.

No need to panic. If someone cancels TheJobApp will automatically repost your shift. First choice will go to previous applicants and then the most relevant available people.

We have a three strike rule for blocking workers that do not show. However, we acknowledge that there may be times of emergency where workers may not be able to make the shift. We encourage them to inform you at the earliest possible time before their shift through the app to enable thejobapp to send you alternative worker options to select from. If there is a no show – please do feed this back at the earliest so that we may take appropriate action.

No problem, you can cancel a shift at any time. You have to provide a valid reason for cancellation. We would encourage you to inform the workers you have selected and thejobapp as soon as possible before the shift to mitigate loss to the worker. There is a 3 strike rule for workers and businesses cancelling jobs. If the cancellation is for a genuine reason the customer service will investigate and take a decision on how many strikes you now have.

Get in touch with us, to find more about how we can help you with your permanent staffing

You can contact TheJobApp through support/contact us form in the app or alternatively you can contact via our helpline number 0330 3801 548.

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